Apply for a Sewer Connection

New development, as well as the redevelopment of existing buildings in Buffalo, must work closely with Buffalo Sewer to ensure that both sanitary and stormwater discharges to Buffalo Sewer’s collection system meet recently updated requirements contained in New York State Law, the Buffalo Green Code and the Authority’s Sewer Use Regulations.

To help minimize compliance costs, Buffalo Sewer and the city will work with property owners to consider both sanitary and stormwater management as early in the process as site plan review and the State Environmental Quality Review.

Property owners and their design team are encouraged to reach out to the Buffalo Sewer early in their project development process at

Apply for a Permit

The Control Program for Buffalo Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit (BPDES Permit) has been developed to assist businesses and industries with the requirements to discharge wastewater into Buffalo Sewer’s sewer system. The following application is the starting point in determining whether your business or industry is considered a Significant Industrial User (SIU). If the determination is made that your business or industry is a SIU, then this application is used to initiate the process of obtaining a BPDES Permit. The elements of the application are as follows:

Part A.

General Information – Business Name, Address, Officials, Facility Representatives and Telephone Numbers;

Part B.

Business Description – The business description is used to determine the substances that may enter into the wastewater discharge from the business activity.

Part C.

Water Source and Use – The water source and use information will enable Buffalo Sewer to determine the volumes and sources of wastewater discharged to the sewer system.

Part D.

Substances of Concern – The substances of concern requires the substances at your facility to be used, produced, stored, distributed, listed under the TRI report or otherwise disposed of, to be listed. Providing the name, class, average annual usage, amount now on hand and purpose of use. Attached is Table I, to aid the application.

Part E.

Miscellaneous – Additional information that is needed to make a determination as to whether a BPDES permit is required.

Part F.

Schematic Flow Diagram – The Schematic Flow Diagram shows the flow pattern of products through the facility and the various sources of wastewater.

Buffalo Permitted Discharge Elimination System (BPDES) Permit Application
Temporary Discharge Permit Application
Trucker Discharge Permit Application