Submit a Claim for Damages

Instructions for preparing a notice of claim


Please be advised that the instructions must be followed or your claim
will be returned to you.

1. Claim(s) must be submitted within ninety (90) days after the claim arises.

2. The notice of claim(s) shall contain the following information:

  1. a. Name and address of the claimant.
  2. b. Nature of claim: personal injury, property damage.
  3. c. Date, time, place and manner in which claim arose.
  4. d. If the claim is for property damage, please submit THREE (3) different estimates or receipted bill(s). Claimants are responsible for all bills pending the investigation and final determination of a claim.

3. Two (2) copies of the notice(s) of claims(s) must be signed at the bottom and sworn to by, or on behalf of the claimant, before a commissioner of deed or notary public.

4. NOTICE(S) OF CLAIM(S) must be served upon Buffalo Sewer’s Office personally or by Certified Mail-Return Receipt Requested, or by Registered Mail – Return Receipt requested at:

  • BUFFALO, NY 14202


Please note: the law provides that no action shall be maintained against Buffalo Sewer to recover money damages unless, previous to the occurrence resulting in damage to person or property, written notice of the existence of a dangerous condition was actually given to Buffalo Sewer, and the condition was not corrected within a reasonable time thereafter.

(Please make a copy of the Notice of Claim for your records)


Thank you for promptly contacting Buffalo Sewer regarding your claim.

Please download and review the Instructions for preparing a Notice of Claim and complete the Notice of Claim Form.